Where does my energy come from?

When it comes to energy sources, there are many different possibilities. Depending on its location, energy can come from nuclear power, wind, solar energy, coal-powered energy, hydroelectric sources, natural gas and oil, or even from bioenergy sources. For example, the nuclear energy within 1 kg of uranium is enough to power London for 18 years. Understanding the various sources can help us make better decisions when it comes to energy consumption.

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  1. Electricity Sources by State or Country
  2. Understanding Your Energy Bill
  3. What Sources Does NorthWestern Energy Use?
  4. Why Knowing Where Your Energy Comes From is Important

Electricity Sources by State or Country

When looking for information about electricity sources by state or country, a good place to start is your local utility. Many utilities publish the mix of energy sources they draw from online, and this can help provide insight into where your energy is coming from. You can also view graphs and charts of the energy mix online, such as the ones provided by NYISO and CAISO. These dashboards show percentage of energy sources from natural gas and renewables. Additionally, there are various tools available that can give real-time information about the origin of energy coming from electricity sources around the world, such as the energy map from Digital Trends.

Understanding Your Energy Bill

When interpreting your own energy bill, it is important to understand the different units used in the bill. Usually, energy bills are split between electric units (such as kWH) and thermal units (such as BTU). It is also important to consider other sources of energy that you may use at home, such as gas, oil, or solar. Depending on your location, you may benefit from renewable energy sources such as hydro or wind power that can potentially lower your energy bills.

What Sources Does NorthWestern Energy Use?

NorthWestern Energy is one of the largest integrated energy companies in the United States. The electricity supplied by NorthWestern Energy is safe, reliable and affordable, and it is sourced from a balanced mix of technologies. This includes carbon-free hydro systems, as well as wind, coal, gas, and solar power. NorthWestern Energy is committed to providing clean, renewable energy sources and using energy more responsibly. Additionally, NorthWestern Energy encourages customers to learn more about energy efficiency and conservation to help protect the environment.

Why Knowing Where Your Energy Comes From is Important

Having a better understanding of where your energy comes from can provide valuable insight into the type of energy being consumed and how much of it is being used. Knowing the sources of energy used can help inform more sustainable lifestyle choices. Additionally, understanding different sources of energy can inform public policy decisions, such as introducing alternative energy sources or increasing renewable energy sources. In the end, understanding where your energy comes from can help lead to more conscious and responsible consumption.

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