What are the six spiritual gifts?

Are you curious about spiritual gifts and how God works through them? Many Christians are unaware of the different spiritual gifts God can give us and how we can use them to further His kingdom. In this article we will take a look at the six spiritual gifts found in the Bible and what they mean.

The Bible talks about spiritual gifts in several passages, but the most frequent mention is in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11. According to this passage, the six spiritual gifts are teaching, encouraging, giving, serving, leading, and showing mercy. Some translations of the Bible list a seventh gift, distinguishing between spirits, but most scholars agree that this is a derived spiritual gift and not one of the original six.

Index of contents
  1. Spiritual Gift of Teaching
  2. Spiritual Gift of Encouragement
  3. Spiritual Gift of Giving
  4. Spiritual Gift of Serving
  5. Spiritual Gift of Leading
  6. Spiritual Gift of Showing Mercy

Spiritual Gift of Teaching

The spiritual gift of teaching is a special blessing from God to be used in His service to spread the Gospel. It is the power to understand and explain the truths of Scripture as revealed in the Bible. A person with this gift is able to share what God has said with clarity and understanding.

Spiritual Gift of Encouragement

The spiritual gift of encouragement is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It gives a person the ability to exhort, comfort, console, and strengthen others in the faith. This gift helps others to look to God at times of trial and despair.

Spiritual Gift of Giving

The spiritual gift of giving is a special blessing to provide for the needs of others. God grants this spiritual gift so that one can share their resources and wealth to support God’s work in the world. This gift is focused on sacrificial giving, beyond what is required for the financial support of a church.

Spiritual Gift of Serving

The spiritual gift of serving is when a person is given the ability to serve those in the body of Christ. This gift burdens the recipient with a desire to serve others and relieve the burdens of those in need.

Spiritual Gift of Leading

The spiritual gift of leading is the ability to guide and direct others in the way of righteousness. This gift gives the person an awareness of the needs of the church and a passion to meet these needs and move the church forward.

Spiritual Gift of Showing Mercy

The spiritual gift of showing mercy is when individuals demonstrate goodwill, forgiveness, and compassion toward those who are in need. This gift gives the recipient a desire to help those who are struggling, either physically or spiritually.

In summary, God’s spiritual gifts are love and power that He gives to His children to help build His kingdom and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. His gifts are meant to be used to edify the church and bring glory to His name. As we take a look at the six spiritual gifts of teaching, encouraging, giving, serving, leading and showing mercy, may we be inspired to find ways to use our talents to glorify God and share His love with others.

Nancy Crawford Smith

Nancy is a registered nurse who has trained in various energy therapies, including Reiki and Maya Abdominal Therapy. She uses a combination of body work, energy therapies, and spiritual healing to assist individuals in a holistic healing journey.

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