A few months ago, as a result of a fall in which I hit the back of my head severely, I was suffering a number of disabilities.  My system seemed to shut down dramatically from the trauma.  It was difficult for me to walk and retain my balance.   My weight had dropped over the past two years, anyway, as it seemed my body was not able to utilize the nourishment it received.  I suffered headaches, joint pains....in particular in my legs and was mentally depressed and irritable.  At my daughter's suggestion, I began to take treatments from Nancy in Maya Abdominal Massage.  All my body functions changed dramatically in a relatively short period of time.  My body weight began to rise as it seemed I was more able to assimilate nutrients, the treatments having removed many toxins.  A previous problem with my gall bladder cleared up and digestion was improved.  The therapist was able to realign my hips, which apparently, had been out of alignment.  I was able to walk much better which affected my balance positively.  My headaches cleared and there was a marked improvement in my general health. I cannot say enough about how this therapy works and how grateful I feel to have found it.  I would refer anyone for a general state of well being.

J. Tarran - 83

I have to admit, I was skeptical when it comes to new treatments.  When I first met Nancy, I was drawn to her ability to allow one to move toward the decision of having a massage without any pressure.  Truly, Nancy is a woman who is loving and caring.  I have had other massages and had never felt any change as a result of them.  Here is what I experienced as a result of Nancy's treatments:  a reduction in pain in my lower back, a reduction in bloat in my abdomen, a release of tension in my neck and shoulder area and a feeling of overall wellness.  I encourage anyone to contact Nancy and experience the maya massage.


B. Robertson

My first session brought great relief… I had fractured my tailbone numerous times and traumatized my spine.  These past decades have caused much congestion and I have experienced pain and decreased mobility in my lower back.  It felt like there was a huge block in my sacrum.  Following the massage, I am much more flexible and I am amazed at how much the tissue has softened.  Nancy is a very gifted practitioner, her natural abilities combined with her knowledge & techniques have provided me with a unique and thorough healing experience.


Carol H.

Nancy is an amazing woman. Her dedication has led her to surpass others in her profession in knowledge and expertise.  When you allow yourself to
become the recipient of a session of Maya abdominal massage with Nancy you
become the recipient of an incredible healing experience.  The experience envelopes you with a feeling of well being after just one session that is incomparable to any massage you may have previously experienced. I have seen Nancy on three separate occasions to obtain the benefit of her wonderful massage.  I have noticed a great improvement in my digestion and I feel less scar tissue in my abdomen.  Standing has become easier and the circulation in my legs has noticeably improved since she realigned my hips and tailbone.
I would recommend this experience to everyone.

P. Schaubel

As both a practitioner and a consumer of alternative health services, I am particularly critical of the professional conduct of other practitioners.  Whether as a recipient or as a referral, I am very conscious of who I see and who I recommend to others.  I am especially pleased to act as a reference for Nancy Crawford.  Nancy’s innate ability both compliments and transcends conventional medicine, providing the client the freedom of choice in participating in and benefiting from a truly holistic support system. Her intuitive nature allows her to see past the client’s initial concerns to a more revealing look at the core issues both causing and contributing to the individual’s general state of well-being, supporting the individual physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.  Nancy’s compassion and her calming presence, along with her sensible, no-nonsense approach, create a safe forum for individuals to voice their concerns without fear of criticism or judgment.  This in turn, creates an atmosphere conducive to healing. Her willingness to explore alternatives, research information, and work in conjunction with other practitioners, supports the individual’s healing process, and in turn, allows the healing to take place naturally.  I met Nancy by circumstance, convinced that we were meant to meet.  I am very lucky for that chance opportunity.  She has been very instrumental in my healing and I continue to seek her counsel and participate in her therapy.  She has been a Godsend to me and for that, I am truly thankful.


I wish Nancy all the love and success she so richly deserves.


Renée Rocheleau, B.A., B.A.Sc., R.N.C.P.

Personal and Corporate Coach

Renée Rocheleau and Associates