How to rise spiritually?

When it comes to spirituality, rising and developing your personal practice can be an enriching and fulfilling process. There are many ways to not only feel in tune with your spiritual side, but also raise your spiritual vibration. In this guide, you'll learn effective methods and techniques to do that. From learning to detach from daily worries to learning about consciousness and mindfulness, following these helpful tips can help you on your spiritual journey.

Index of contents
  1. Grow Spiritually By Detaching From Your Worries
    1. Connect With the Natural World
    2. Take In Works of Art
  2. Simple Techniques to Increase Your Spiritual Awareness
    1. Embrace Fear
    2. Meditate
    3. Start Your Day With Prayer
  3. Easy Things To Do To Become A More Spiritual Person
    1. Help Others
    2. Make A Wish List
    3. Selflessly Give to Others
  4. How to Raise Your Spiritual Vibrations
    1. Focus On Your Spirituality
    2. Meditation And Mindfulness
    3. Gratitude And Love
    4. Physical Activity
  5. Conclusion

Grow Spiritually By Detaching From Your Worries

One of the best ways to start rising spiritually is to detach from the worries and anxieties of day-to-day life. Constant worry can rob you of the valuable peace and serenity needed for spiritual growth. Don’t be afraid to step away from the things that fill your day, making sure that you take time for yourself — a few moments to relax and clear your mind.

Connect With the Natural World

It's easy to get so caught up in our lives that we forget to appreciate and connect with the beauty of the natural world. Make it a point to step away from the chaos and clutter and find a natural setting in which to spend time. Take a long, solitary hike or a short walk on a sunny day, and let the beauty and serenity around you work its magic. Remind yourself to leave the headphones at home and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Take In Works of Art

Art is the perfect way to take in the passion of creativity and be inspired. Whether it takes the form of painting, sculpture, music, or literature, art reaches deep into the soul and has a profound effect on our spiritual selves. Attend events and visit museums or explore your city. Allow the creativity that you find to open up your eyes to all sorts of possibilities.

Simple Techniques to Increase Your Spiritual Awareness

Once you've taken the first steps to connecting with your spiritual self, here are a few simple ways to increase your awareness levels and spiritual vibration.

Embrace Fear

Fear can be overwhelming, but in order to become more spiritually aware, it is important to realize that all too often our worries are unfounded. Embrace the fear that you feel and instead of trying to hide from it, use it as an opportunity to grow and become more aware.


Meditation is becoming increasingly popular and a great way to increase your spiritual awareness. Spend some time practicing meditation each day, whether it be 10 minutes or an hour. Connect with your spirit and focus on nothing more than taking deep breaths and grounding yourself.

Start Your Day With Prayer

Prayer can open your spiritual channels, allowing your soul to be aware of the divine. Start your day with a conversation with the divine, thanking him for another day. Keep the conversation going throughout the day and before you go to sleep, take a few moments to unite with the universe.

Easy Things To Do To Become A More Spiritual Person

There are many simple steps you can take in becoming a more spiritual person.

Help Others

Realize that we are all here on earth to help each other. Start by helping those around you; be it a family member, friend, or even a complete stranger. Spend a few moments a day looking for ways you can make someone else’s life better.

Make A Wish List

Create a spiritual wish list and make sure it does not include material items. Instead, make a list of spiritual achievements and accomplishments you want to obtain. Put faith and work into manifesting these items, turning them into reality.

Selflessly Give to Others

Giving to others isn't always easy, but it has the power to fill you with a great sense of joy. Help out those in need and utilize your passions and talents to make a difference in the lives of others.

How to Raise Your Spiritual Vibrations

Raising your spiritual vibrations is a naturally process as you continue along your spiritual path. Here are a few methods to help you get started.

Focus On Your Spirituality

Remove all the outside influences from your life and focus on your spirituality. Find moments throughout your day to connect with the divine.

Meditation And Mindfulness

Take some time for yourself to focus on mediation and mindfulness. Spend 10-15 minutes each day doing a body scanning meditation in which you take deep breaths and focus on how each part of your body feels.

Gratitude And Love

References to gratitude and love are a big part of being spiritual. Make being grateful for the things you have each day a habit, and appreciate the love you feel for the people in your life.

Physical Activity

Physical activity can be an effective way to raise your vibrations, especially exercises like yoga and tai-chi that bring energy up in the body while focusing on breath.


Rising spiritually can be an enriching and fulfilling journey. Detaching from your daily worries and connecting with the natural world can be a great starting point. Then delving deeper into the various spiritual practices like meditation and searching for ways to love and help others will provide spiritual grounding. Finally, don’t forget about taking time for physical activity to create spiritual elevation. With these simple tips and tricks, following your spiritual calling can be made that much easier and enjoyable.

Nancy Crawford Smith

Nancy is a registered nurse who has trained in various energy therapies, including Reiki and Maya Abdominal Therapy. She uses a combination of body work, energy therapies, and spiritual healing to assist individuals in a holistic healing journey.

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