How do you connect with spiritual powers?

Spiritual power is the energy which pervades our entire universe. It is an energy which resonates through time and space, connecting all humans, plants, animals, and other living beings. Everyone can access spiritual power, regardless of belief system or religion. Connecting with spiritual power can be a rewarding experience, providing answers and solutions to difficult questions, strengthening one’s connection with their inner self and the divine, and unlocking potentials yet to be discovered.

Index of contents
  1. Developing an Intent
  2. Speaking to the Divine Self
  3. Integrating the Mind, Body, and Spirit
  4. Exploring Religious Texts or Practices
  5. Activating Your Spiritual Power
  6. Connecting to Your Spirit Guides
  7. Unlocking Your Inherent Spiritual Power
  8. Reaching Out to a Higher Power
  9. Conclusion

Developing an Intent

Developing strong intentions when connecting with spiritual power is a key step in creating a meaningful transformation. Having the purpose of connecting with your divine spiritual self or to receive its gifts is a powerful way to build an intent. Open yourself up to any thoughts or beliefs which may get in the way. Consider the answers or solutions you wish to obtain to address the questions or challenges you face. Finally, focus on the divine connection and how it can positively impact every area of your life.

Speaking to the Divine Self

Though meditation is not the only way of speaking to the divine self, practicing it is one way to help you gain clarity on certain issues. Sit in a comfortable position and quiet your mind. Tune in the power of the Divine and focus your attention on the answers you seek. In this space of stillness, allow the divine energy to flow through you and listen to the answers. You can also choose to ask for guidance, an insight, or an answer when entering this space.

Integrating the Mind, Body, and Spirit

A powerful way of connecting with spiritual power is to use your physical body. This might be accomplished through activities like dancing, drumming, yoga, singing, or playing sports. Doing these activities can help awaken your inner spiritual self and help unearth deep truths. As you engage in them, try to let go of any judgments or expectations and allow yourself to explore and experience.

Exploring Religious Texts or Practices

Reading or studying religious texts can also be highly beneficial when connecting to spiritual power. When exploring them, be sure to set an open, non-judgmental mindset and an open heart. Doing so will help you draw on their teachings to gain deeper spiritual knowledge and understanding. Practicing certain religious practices, such as prayer and meditation, is also essential when connecting to spiritual powers.

Activating Your Spiritual Power

When connecting to the universe, activate your spiritual power by exploring your intuition and inner power. Imagine what it would be like if you had spiritual power, then close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Ensure that your jaw and shoulders are relaxed, and then ask yourself a simple question. Writing down your thoughts after exploring the spiritual power, and allowing it to flow through you is also a great way to stay connected.

Connecting to Your Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are powerful and mysterious entities that can provide deep level of spiritual guidance. You may wish to try connecting with a Spirit Guide through meditation and allowing the voice of your guide to work through you. There are many spiritual practices you can use to connect with your guides and it is important to ask your guides for help when needed.

Unlocking Your Inherent Spiritual Power

The truth is that we all have spiritual power within us from the time of our birth. One of the most powerful and important spiritual powers is your inner voice, which can serve as your inner guide. Listening to your inner voice will alert you when something does not feel right and provide you with the wisdom and insight you need for difficult decisions.

Reaching Out to a Higher Power

Reaching out to a higher power adds divine light to the creative power within. Every day is an opportunity to deepen your connection with spiritual power and to recognize just what kind of assistance and help is within your life. Consider potential blessings that the higher power may bring and ask yourself how the Universe sees the situation that you want to address.


Connecting with spiritual power can lead to a transformative and rewarding life experience. It provides you with an opportunity to gain spiritual knowledge, gain answers to difficult questions, and progress your connection with yourself and the divine. Whether you choose to speak to the Divine Self, explore religious texts, or meditate, know that there is a world of spiritual power just waiting for you to discover.

Nancy Crawford Smith

Nancy is a registered nurse who has trained in various energy therapies, including Reiki and Maya Abdominal Therapy. She uses a combination of body work, energy therapies, and spiritual healing to assist individuals in a holistic healing journey.

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