The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy are ancient healing methods using external, non-invasive manipulation involving only the hands to guide reproductive organs and pelvic bone structure into their proper position. Once reproductive organs and the pelvic bone structure are returned to their proper position, along with recommended dietary and lifestyle changes, the body can begin to heal itself. As is true of the current model of holistic healing, this treatment supports the body’s natural healing capacity.

 The organs and pelvic structure that have shifted or become displaced cause a restriction of the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi (energy). This restriction interferes with the effective and adequate delivery of fluids, nutrients and hormones to cells and organs as well as the removal of toxins and waste products, creating constriction and congestion in the abdominal and pelvic areas.

These ancient Maya healing techniques help to eliminate the primary cause not just the symptoms of reproductive and digestive complaints in men and women and the congested pelvis and abdomen thereby preventing the progression of symptoms to chronic disease This displacement and resulting constriction and congestion in the abdominal and pelvic area is the cause of many of the common female and male complaints as well as a host of seemingly unrelated ailments.

 Women and men suffer needlessly from a barrage of physical complaints that can easily be corrected by returning the uterus/prostate to its proper position and function using these techniques. My clients’ ages range from newborn to 95 years young with a blend of both male and female who attend and enjoy the benefits of this ancient healing technique.



Causes include but are not limited to:

 ·                                Running on hard surfaces.

·                                 Falls or direct trauma to sacrum and coccyx.

·                                 Heavy lifting before or during menstruation or too soon after childbirth.

·                                 Childbirth.

·                                 Repeated pregnancies close together with difficult deliveries.

·                                 Poor pelvic bone alignment with the spinal column.

·                                 Sitting for prolonged periods

·                                 Prolonged driving (e.g. truck driver).

·                                 Car accidents.

·                                 Wearing improper shoes.

·                                 Chronic constipation with straining.

·                                 Stresses to the ligaments that support the abdominal and reproductive organs including the bladder.

·                                 Emotional armouring resulting from significant trauma in pelvic and abdominal area (rape, sexual abuse or incest).

.                                             Surgical procedures






PMS/Depression prior to menstruation

Painful intercourse Painful periods

Late, early or irregular periods

Headache, migraine or dizziness with period

Blood clots and excessive bleeding

Difficult menopause

Chronic miscarriages

Premature deliveries

Difficult pregnancy

Fertility issues



Vaginal Yeast conditions

Uterine infections


Prostatitis (acute, chronic and allergic)

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Fertility Issues

Impotence/Erectile dysfunction

(depending on cause)

Painful ejaculation

Burning pressure sensation in pelvis




Chronic indigestion or heartburn

Gastritis, Colitis, Crohn’s

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Multiple food allergies

Low back ache

Frequent or painful urination

Bladder infection


Chronic skin conditions

Varicose veins of legs and hemorrhoids

Tired weak legs

Constipation or diarrhea


Sore heels when walking

Numb legs and feet

(especially while standing still for a while)




A complete health history, a detailed intake form will be completed by you and brought to your first session. This will be reviewed and significant areas discussed.

.                                 A relaxing guided meditation with chakra assessment and balancing to assist your mind and body to be relaxed and open to receive the Maya bodywork

·                                Maya bodywork including techniques focusing on the mid and lower back muscles, sacrum, lower and upper abdomen as well as pelvic bone structure and alignment.

·                                 Learning self-care and other techniques as indicated for you to continue at home to enhance your healing process. These are simple, safe and easy to learn techniques.

·                                 Consultation about diet and lifestyle changes.

·                                 When indicated, herbal care and other techniques may be suggested.

 Follow up recommendations are provided based on Individual goals and treatment results.  The first treatment session is about 2 hours in length and follow up sessions are about 1 hour each.


·                                 Where there is an IUD present or staples, mesh, or other forms of “hardware” in the abdomen from surgery you MUST advise the practitioner as the treatment is modified to avoid                                   complications.

·                                 Immediately following abdominal surgery or in cases of active infection or cancer in the pelvic region.

·                                 In the first 20 weeks of pregnancy- a modified technique is used

 ·                                 Not recommended during menstruation

 You will find Maya Abdominal Therapy simple, straightforward, reliable, safe and dramatically effective. These techniques are wonderfully effective on their own or as an adjunct to most other treatments you may be having for the same symptoms.

Treatments are by appointment only.

Flexible hours available


Contact Nancy to arrange your appointment or for more information.