Modern medicine is beginning to understand the healing wisdom of ancient cultures. The link between many physical illnesses is connected with unresolved emotional stress and distress.

Spiritual baths are used to refresh and purify the body. A Spiritual bath is for the spiritual body and returns us to a more relaxed state of balanced well-being. By reconnecting, recharging and rebalancing an individual’s life energy flow, the spiritual healing process changes the chemical makeup of the brain. The combination of the power of water along with the healing, life-force properties of the plants, sacred prayer and incense provide the individual with a deep cleansing and renewal at an energetic level. The plants are collected or chosen with prayer and intention in preparation for the bath. Often the individual is involved in this portion of the process and is also instructed how to perform this at home.

Some general symptoms of spiritual illness may include:

The Maya speak of four major kinds of spiritual illnesses:

1.      SUSTO-(FRIGHT or TRAUMA): The most common spiritual disease of the Maya is SUSTO, which means “fright” and usually refers to a trauma or a shock. Susto is one of the manifestations of soul loss. It is felt that the soul was frightened out of the body by some traumatic event. Sources of this obstacle can begin in utero if mother experiences a trauma (e.g. in a violent relationship, suffers a loss, etc.) The baby at birth will show an unusual amount of distress, hands will be clenched into fists all the time, body will be tense; it will have serious digestive problems such as diarrhea, and constipation. Susto can also result from disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, 9-11, tsunamis etc. Other sources of susto include experiencing the death of someone close death, bullying and loud startling noises. In adults, susto can result following car accidents, almost being in an accident or witnessing an accident. The individual is easily frightened and jumpy, develops immune system ailments particularly the unexplainable ones that medicine is unable to diagnose and tests cannot confirm or deny their existence. Young children have symptoms of sleep disorders and nightmares.


  1. PESAR-(GRIEF): Grief is common to all humanity. Grief depletes our reserves of life force energy. Children grieve being moved from place to place-this can last for years or even a lifetime. Grief is necessary to overcome the loss of a loved one through death, a romantic loss, a divorce, or other unwelcomed changes in our life.  Susto and Pesar often go together. Symptoms include; deep mournful sighing, heaviness, shallow breathing, heart chakra will be closed. Symptoms in children include tearfulness, crankiness, sleeplessness, inability to play and general malaise. Keep in mind there is healthy grief, generally 3 years in long term relationship. Grief has value because it honours the life of a loved one butshould not affect daily life.


  1. TRISTEZA-(SADNESS/DEPRESSION): This is an emotional state built into the fabric of your being. Some symptoms include: paranoia, feelings of hopelessness and emptiness, pale complexion, often eat too little or too much, gain and lose excessive amounts of weight, social anxiety and phobias. Tristeza is often accompanied by anger, resentment, and an uncontrollable urge to rehash hurtful events. It can be the result of being an unwanted child and low self esteem is woven in utero. Your very first spiritual bath was in utero from your mother-if your mother was unhappy about pregnancy then that is what you received.


  1. INVIDIA-(ENVY/JEALOUSY): Envy is a largely unspoken reality in our culture. Envy towards another can make them very ill. This obstacle is intentional. Your neighbor, relative, co-worker looks upon you, your home and/or your life with envy. It beams from the brain. Wealth and success can be a burden. You may experience the feeling of it in the morning following an evening out. If Invidia occurs at work you may feel you must look for a new job, you may feel better when you leave work. If his occurs at home-you may feel better when you leave the house or you may wish to move. We may also bring Invidia on ourselves by our own sense of superiority, criticism, malicious gossip and boasting. Symptoms include: poor sleep, lack of appetite, nightmares, stomach problems and lack a sense of peace and harmony.


(The above information is taken from the book “Rainforest Home Remedies” by Rosita Arvigo & Nadine Epstein as well as from my own Spiritual Healing training received directly with Rosita Arvigo D.N. in Belize, Central America.)