Maya Abdominal Therapy is needed for men as much as it is for women for overall digestive and reproductive system health including fertility.

 Injuries such as a blow to the sacrum either by a fall or other traumas can cause nerve interference to this area creating a number of symptoms and chronic conditions if left untreated. This applies to men and boys of all ages.

Men are also experiencing an increasing incidence of swollen prostate. This number has been increasing since the late 1960ís and early 1970ís largely due to environmental toxins (pesticides/insecticides). These techniques address these symptoms and prevent the development of chronic conditions as a result.

Symptoms caused by trauma include:

∑        Impotence,

∑        Erectile dysfunction,

∑        Bladder issues

∑        Spastic colon


Symptoms resulting from a swollen prostate include:

∑        Frequent and/or painful urination (from upward pressure on bladder)

∑        Incontinence (exerting pressure and stretching the sphincters that control this function)

∑        Constipation (from posterior pressure on colon)

∑        Painful ejaculation

∑        Impotence

∑        Distended veins in legs and feet

∑        Burning pressure sensation in pelvis


Other very important factors in prostate health and male fertility are clothing, activity (leisure and employment), diet and lifestyle.


In addition to the holistic benefits of the Arvigo Techniques, you will be provided with guidance from your practitioner to help you make the necessary changes for optimum health and well-being.