Maya Abdominal Therapy (MAT) is beneficial throughout the entire birthing process including: pre-conception, pregnancy, labour and delivery as well as postpartum care. Dietary and lifestyle changes are very important in conjunction with MAT. We will help you identify these. Also, self-care is a useful and effective tool throughout the entire process to augment the effect of MAT.

It is important to note that the primary focus of treatment is the total health of the woman; mind, body and spirit and not solely on her body’s ability to conceive. Dr. Arvigo says the woman comes first…the baby is the prize. I strongly uphold this belief and follow this in my practise.



The pre-conception treatment plan is beneficial for those women with or without fertility issues or concerns. MAT improves the flow of blood, ensuring adequate and appropriate hormone levels and ovulation to improve and increase chances of conception. The woman is also able to detoxify and decongest her body with MAT ensuring the healthiest environment to conceive and nurture her baby. The program is a period of uterine rest and cleansing and requires the client actively avoid conception.

There is an adjusted treatment method available should the woman wish to continue trying to conceive while receiving MAT.

Partners are invited and encouraged to participate in the treatment plan. Male partners are encouraged to participate in their own pre-conception treatment plan to improve lymph, blood and nerve flow. This ensures prostate health and adequate hormone distribution resulting in improved outcomes.





MAT used during pregnancy ensures the uterus regains and/or maintains a normal centered position. This prevents fluid congestion by allowing lymph vessels and veins to properly drain out of the pelvic bowl.

MAT addresses common symptoms during pregnancy resulting from a malpositioned uterus, which includes;


·        Leg discomfort

·        Varicose veins

·        Numbness or tingling hip to toe

·        Low back discomfort and sciatic pain

·        Headaches

·        Frequent urination or incontinence

·        Constipation and generalized discomfort.


Upper abdominal work is performed to help prevent heartburn and indigestion. By promoting the circulation with MAT, the abdominal muscles are relaxed and strengthened. These are the muscles that will be called into service to assist in giving birth.



Labour and delivery is greatly assisted with the use of MAT. Currently statistics are being gathered to evaluate these reports of shorter, easier labours and reductions in the rate of caesarean sections.

There are a number of useful techniques used at this time to assist in the comfort of the mother and baby as well as supporting and encouraging the labouring process.

The MAT practitioner works closely with your birthing practitioner; practitioner permitting. This relationship is developed during the fertility and/or pregnancy stage.



Postpartum care is recommended and highly beneficial in assisting internal organs to safely return to normal position and function. The timing is dependent on the events during labour and delivery.

The MAT practitioner will be in close contact with you and your birthing practitioner to determine what is best for your care during this postpartum period. 

A woman who has had a caesarean section very much needs MAT. The timing of treatment will be based on input from the surgeon.



·         Relieves common discomforts of pregnancy such as: indigestion, heartburn, nausea, low back ache, sciatica, pressure and burning sensation in groin area, constipation, headaches, leg discomfort including varicose veins, frequent urination, incontinence and urinary tract infections.

·         Encourages baby and uterus into optimal positioning to facilitate pregnancy, labour and delivery (regular treatments can reduce the time in labour and delivery even for first time moms)

·         Tones, strengthens and balances the uterus preparing for labour and delivery

·         Synchronizes the mom and baby for birth

·         Supports mom and baby relationship by stimulating an increase release of oxytocin, fosters bonding and prepares uterus and placenta for labour and delivery

·         Increases circulation to mom and baby

·         Reduces tension and anxiety

·         Addresses emotional issues on a cellular level and healing is set in motion; based on the study of Michael Odent, OB and research MD “Primal Health”-he says that the baby’s immune system is developed in the womb and hormonal reactions of the mom during pregnancy play a role in the health of the baby for the rest of its life.