The Chinese recognize two energy sources. The first is energy created through the elements of food and other nourishments we take into the body and which flow through he bloodstream. The second is Qi (chee) which is the universal life-force energy that circulates through the body along well-established channels that join points of energy. The patterns of these channels are called meridians.

Meridians have been measured, mapped and can be physically felt. Meridians are named for the organ or system with which they are most closely associated. They flow within the body and not on the surface; they exist in corresponding pairs plus 2 vessels. Each meridian has many acupuncture points along its path. Meridians are best understood as a process rather than a structure. “Eastern Approaches to Abdominal Massage” is a technique which focuses on the Stomach Meridian.

Treating the Stomach Meridian and Stomach Points on the legs and abdomen supports healthy digestion and relieves digestive complaints.

The abdomen is a sacred place, our center. Qi is essential to life and is our Life Force. Our organs create, store and move Qi. Stuck or blocked (stagnant) Qi can result in some of the following symptoms:

·         Pain

·         Gas and Bloating

·         Cramps

·         Acid reflux

·         Constipation

·         Spastic colon

·         Gallstones

·         Sluggish liver…and more


Every organ has an emotion associated with it and when the Qi of that organ is stuck the emotion is stuck also. As the Qi of the organ is moved the emotions begins to flow and release from the body. Once the Qi is supported to move it will re-establish harmony and balance.

Massaging the abdomen is a way to open the flow of Qi between the organs. When the Qi is flowing smoothly the organs receive nutrition and information they require in order to support our lives to the fullest. Both sides of the lower body are treated as are the specific points for the stomach along with meridian work on the entire abdomen.

This amazing and effective treatment can be used in conjunction with the Maya Therapy for abdominal issues.