We all create a certain amount of psychic garbage on a daily basis, which leaves a residue in our homes and offices the same way everyday living creates the need for the cleaning and tidying we must do on a physical level. This garbage can accumulate over time from previous owners of the same buildings or homes and stays to have a lasting effect on the new tenants. For example-have you ever felt something “in the air” just wasn’t right, or walked into a room after someone has had a fight and felt you could “cut the tension with a knife”?  Or feel that someone or something you cannot see is present in the room with you? -This is psychic garbage and metaphysical disturbances.

Space clearing refers to the art of cleansing and consecrating spaces to bring in the most beneficial frequencies for the occupants. It is a profound and highly effective technique for clearing and revitalizing the energy in buildings, including homes and offices. 

 Ideally, your home should be clean and tidy before any kind of space clearing ceremony. If you have a HUGE clutter problem, however, space clearing can be used to loosen up the old energy that is clogging up your home. This will make it easier to get started with your clutter clearing efforts. Getting rid of  clutter will shake a lot of the stuck energy loose then another space clearing ought to be done following the initial de-cluttering.

Space clearing is different from just cleaning up your house. You are honoring your home, life, and family, and these deserve to be treated ceremoniously, with focused awareness and clear intention.

The  space clearing ceremony is started long before the practitioner enters your home. You are generally requested to stay and participate in the ceremony. If you require assistance with de-cluttering, we are happy to help you with that as well. During and following the ceremony you will learn the skills that will enable you to keep your space free of psychic garbage.